February 2021:

We are presently still in the middle of a Corona crisis and our teachers in Sabah and Tawi-Tawi do a great job of keeping the contact and the remote learning going through house to house visits.


The Corona crisis hit hard in the Sama-Bajau communities.

At Kg Halo and the other Bajau Laut communities in Sabah the "Movement Restrictions" meant that the villagers were unable to go out fishing and with no government help for stateless communities, there was a severe lack of food, which influenced the children most.

Though a donation from our sponsors Tine and Peder Holk Nielsen, we were able to offer some emergency food aid in the form of a sack of rice and a tray of eggs for each family.

Later a number of local NGOs joined in the assistance for the Bajau Laut, and food was delivered to most areas.

During Lock-down periods in Tawi-Tawi our newly assigned teachers have been recieving intensive training by our coordinator Jerry Abbas.

They have also developed creative ways of delivering remote education to the children through house to house visits with printed task papers. Always following relevant corona prevention measures.